New “Peace of Mind Plan”

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New “Peace of Mind Plan”

Hello everybody!!

I’m starting a new test program.  I’m offering computer service “insurance”.  There will be 2 plans.

Plan #1 is an economy plan.  The premium is $7.77/month/computer (1st year paid up front, then paid monthly after that).  You may cancel at any time after the first year.  This plan includes one service contact/month/computer.  Includes any remote services.  e.g. removing viruses, spyware, tune-up, etc.  No pre-existing illness.

Plan #2 is a deluxe plan.  The premium is $14/month/computer (1st 6 months paid up front, then paid monthly after that).  This plan includes unlimited remote tech support, checkup, virus removal, junk cleaning and consultation on one computer.  Now, you don’t have to wait until you have a virus or ransomware to do something.  Waiting too long could cause your computer to lose your data and possibly allow others to steal your information.  Note:  The first 6 months must be pre-paid and it’s good for one computer.  You can cancel at any time after the first 6 months.  This is a preventative program to help keep your computer running good and virus free.  This plan covers pre-existing illness.

NOTE: Commercial and residential are the same low price!!

Love your computer(s) again.  ♥

Tony “the computer guy”
L.A. Design & Computer Services

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