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COMPUTER SCAM WARNING ! ! ! I just talked to a person last night that called a major computer company about a printer issue. They connected to his computer and told him that his network had a problem and it would cost $299 to fix it. They also told him that it required a “Windows…
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Extend HDMI signal over 75 feet.

Here’s how to extend an HDMI signal from a laptop to a TV 75 plus feet away.  I’ve gone through a few agonizing weeks trying to get a laptop to connect to TV’s at my church with 75-100 feet away.  I did many online searches and talked to tech guys and was advised to use…
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SPRING CLEANING SALE ! ! ! Computer kinda sluggish or just want a checkup? This is the time to do it during our Spring Cleaning Sale. Get it checked out for ONLY $50! Call Tony at (314) 609-6165. Sale ends May 31st, 2018!!

New large spring Windows 10 update is available.

ATTENTION: The new large spring Windows 10 update is available. Go here to make sure you have it. Hope this helps, Happy computering!!