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When to schedule a service call ?
Your computer will run very slowwwww.
Your anti-virus icon is missing next to the clock.
There will be “unwanted” pictures appearing on your computer.
Programs don’t run the same or won’t open.
Computer or programs crashing.

Don’t let a virus/malware remain on your computer too long,
because it could cause you to lose files or someone can steal your personal information.

Contact me to setup an appointment to remove it.


Screensaver or Wallpaper ?

This is probably one of the most confused items in Windows.

What is your screensaver and what is your wallpaper.

Your wallpaper is the picture you see on your main screen (desktop).

A screensaver is something that automatically runs after so many minutes

to prevent damage to your monitor screen (screensaver).


What can I do with my computer ?

  1. Make sure you install ALL of the Windows Updates.
  2. Install a good anti-virus program.

If you have a question to be added here, please let me know.  Thanks.

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