Extend HDMI signal over 75 feet.

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Extend HDMI signal over 75 feet.

Here’s how to extend an HDMI signal from a laptop to a TV 75 plus feet away.  I’ve gone through a few agonizing weeks trying to get a laptop to connect to TV’s at my church with 75-100 feet away.  I did many online searches and talked to tech guys and was advised to use CAT 7 cable, CAT 6, shielded and not shielded, shorter HDMI cables, etc., but still didn’t work.    The HDMI extenders you see online say that using standard CAT cables will work.  NOPE!!

Here is what you need for this to work:

HDMI extenders (transmitter & receiver) with EDID.  Mine have DIP switches to adjust for different length cables.

The associate pastor at my church said he talked with someone about this.  This is important!!  MUST be CAT 6e cable!!

This worked!!!

Hope this helps,