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Do not install the new Windows 10 Fall 2018 update (version 1809). For some installs, it has deleted all documents and pictures from the computer. Please wait until Microsoft fixes this problem. If you would like to receive emails with warnings like this, sign up for my email newsletter. Thanks, Tony the computer guy 314-609-6165…
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COMPUTER SCAM WARNING ! ! ! I just talked to a person last night that called a major computer company about a printer issue. They connected to his computer and told him that his network had a problem and it would cost $299 to fix it. They also told him that it required a “Windows…
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Extend HDMI signal over 75 feet.

Here’s how to extend an HDMI signal from a laptop to a TV 75 plus feet away.  I’ve gone through a few agonizing weeks trying to get a laptop to connect to TV’s at my church with 75-100 feet away.  I did many online searches and talked to tech guys and was advised to use…
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SPRING CLEANING SALE ! ! ! Computer kinda sluggish or just want a checkup? This is the time to do it during our Spring Cleaning Sale. Get it checked out for ONLY $50! Call Tony at (314) 609-6165. Sale ends May 31st, 2018!!

New large spring Windows 10 update is available.

ATTENTION: The new large spring Windows 10 update is available. Go here to make sure you have it. Hope this helps, Happy computering!!

$7.77 Computer Service Plan

Hello everybody, I had one of my customers scammed out of $800 by someone who claimed to be from “Microsoft”. I don’t want this to happen again. Don’t wait until you have a virus, ransomware or sluggish computer. Sign up for a Computer Service Plan now! Keep it clean for only $7.77/month. Same price for…
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When will spring be here???

When will spring be here???  Just when you think it may be spring, it snows…. I know I’ll probably wish the snow was here when it’s 100 and high humidity.  lol

New “Peace of Mind Plan”

Hello everybody!! One of my customers got scammed for big money from someone over the phone claiming they were from “Microsoft”.  I don’t want this to happen to anyone else!!  So, my company is starting a new program offering 2 computer service “insurance” plans. Plan #1 is an economy plan.  The premium is $7.77 per…
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A Hard Drive without a cover.

LOOK AT THIS>>>> Here’s something you don’t see everyday.  It’s a computer hard drive with the cover taken off. You can see the arm scanning the disk as it spins at 7200 RPM.  Amazing!! Notice the disk looks like a mirror. Tony “the computer guy” L.A. Design & Computer Services 314-609-6165    

Happy St. Patrick’s Day !!

Hope you have a great day!!! Tony L.A. Design & Computer Services