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Phishing warning!!!!  I’ve received a few of these kind of emails recently. One from “google”, one from “microsoft” and now this one.  They look very convincing and real, but they aren’t.  What they want you to do is click to login with your info.  Once you do that they will have your login information to…
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AOL Gold Desktop fix

Here’s a tech tip for you who are using AOL Gold desktop to help with performance. Right click on the icon and choose properties. Once inside properties, look for compatibility and check the boxes. Hope this helps, Tony

Indoor Christmas Light Shows

Come see my indoor Christmas lights shows.  There will be hundreds of lights synced to music and something for everybody.  This is a great event for the whole family.  Free Admission!!

Tired of ads???

If you’re tired of seeing all those ads on pages you go to, install AdBlockPlus on Chrome or FireFox. Here’s the link:

Christmas Light Show in July

This is a Christmas Light Show video I made to help cool things down in July. Hope you like it.

Hey everybody, cool down!!! Here is a video I made. Hope you like it. :-)

I made this video using music from Trans-Siberian Orchestra. These guys are GREAT!!! If you want to purchase their mdse. or see them in concert, go here:

Happy Independence Day ! ! !

Hello everybody, Happy Independence Day!!!  Here is a video I made that could give you independence in life. Hope you enjoy it, Tony

WARNING: A new computer virus could be coming here. #Petya

WARNING: A new computer virus could be coming here. #Petya Make sure you keep your anti-virus programs up to date.